Make your first food bank donation

As the weather gets colder people on low incomes and benefits find it harder to balance the cost of heating their home and feeding their family. You can help by donating food and essential toiletries to your local food bank.

About the assignment:

We would like you to make a donation to your local food bank. This doesn’t need to cost very much: food banks always need basic and relatively inexpensive items like pasta, tinned vegetables and long life products like dried pulses.

We’d like you to document how you make your donation, and share it as a blog post or as a YouTube video. If you share your posts on social media please use the hashtag #foodbank. Take photos of the items you donate and explain how you found your food bank and made your donation. How did donating make you feel? Have you learnt anything from the experience?

There are several ways you can find your local food bank:

Suggested donation: These are just suggestions, please give whatever you can afford – every donation will help during winter no matter how large or small. Check with the food bank you choose to donate to about the items they are in most need of before making your donation.

  • A box of cereal
  • A tin of soup
  • A tin of baked beans or spaghetti shapes
  • A tin of vegetables like tomatoes, sweetcorn or potatoes
  • A bag of dried pasta or rice
  • A jar of pasta sauce
  • A box of tea or jar of coffee
  • A packet of biscuits

Many food banks also need donations of non-food items such as toiletries. Toilet paper, soap, deodorant, sanitary products and nappies are required by many people in financial difficulties.

What does this assignment hope to achieve?:

By sharing your experience of donating to your local food bank, we hope to raise awareness of the important role food banks play in vulnerable people’s lives, and how easy it is to help.

We would like to increase awareness of the work being done within communities to help families and individuals get through winter: a challenging time of year for those on lower incomes who experience fuel poverty.

Have you completed this assignment?:

Please let us know by sharing your blog post or YouTube video link in the comments section below.