What is an assignment?

Assignments are our way of sharing particular blog post ideas. They have a specific idea you can use to inspire you to create a blog post or video from. The assignments are provided by charities and not-for-profit organisations, and taking part in an assignment will help them promote their message.

How to complete an assignment:

Each assignment will have it’s own set of ideas or tasks for you to complete, and will have clear instructions (if they are needed!). Once you have created and published your blog post or video etc, you can use the comments section underneath the assignment to share it with other bloggers and grow your network.

Why do assignments?

You may be used to getting brand PR’s approach you to review products or take part in promotions, which can be really fun to do. But lots of good causes don’t have the resources to reach out to you through PR agencies like this. Charities and NFPs have important messages to share but don’t have the same sort of marketing budgets as other brands so they may never reach you. By volunteering your time to complete an assignment you can help them reach your audience. You should feel good taking part in assignments!

More questions?:

Please use the comments section below to ask any other questions!