About Us

Bright Blogging connects bloggers and independent digital publishers with charities and not-for-profit organisations.

The initial idea for the network was to give charities and not-for-profit organisations a mechanism to find independent bloggers to help them raise awareness of campaigns and issues with new audiences. Bloggers connect personally with their audiences, more so than most publishers, which can be a fantastic way to reach audiences that charities may struggle to engage with through normal marketing activities.

The first concept for the network was sparked in 2012 by me, Bonny Colville-Hyde after I tried blogging to learn more about content creation, strategy and planning. I was amazed by the dedication of bloggers, their ability to grow and develop audiences and their enthusiasm for digital publishing on a shoe string. The audiences they create are fascinating as they can offer so much to brands, but I thought what could they do for not-for-profit organisations? Imagine the potential to reach young people with important messages!

The project has been on my back-burner for four years, just being worked on in little bits. I hope to develop this site further to transform it into a proper network of bloggers and charities all working together. If you are interested in this project and want to know more, please contact me via my personal website: Almost Exact.