which business case is better solved by artificial intelligence

which business case is better solved by artificial intelligence
which business case is better solved by artificial intelligence


Which business case is better solved by artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is defined as the branch of computer science that focuses on building computer systems that have the ability to do work like humans. In this digital era, AI has significantly helped a lot in the growth of the business. Businesses have to face a lot of complexities on the ground level. To overcome and solve these problems, companies are turning their whole manual working business system into cutting-edging technologies. Artificial intelligence is one of the transformative technologies. It has the great potential to evolve businesses and grow them. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the important role of AI in the growth of business and also which business case is better solved by artificial intelligence.

Improved customer experience and support:

 Artificial intelligence has brought the entire experience of customer service and support to an extraordinary level through chatbots, personalized customer recommendations, and sentiment analysis. It contributes a lot to the growth of businesses as well. Personal chatbots and virtual assistants help the customers interact with them and help and assist them. With the help of personalized recommendations, customers are more likely to be attracted to their products due to their own taste preferences and that also helps the customers to be satisfied. Sentiment analysis is the classification and understanding of the emotions of customers into expressed data forms. Sentiment analysis is used to review customer’s feedback, react to posts, etc. These features of AI not only satisfy customers and clients but also help businesses increase customer retention and loyalty.

Building Data-driven decisions :

Artificial intelligence provides excellence in analyzing and processing data within micro and milliseconds like the speed of light. This ability of AI dominates businesses to make data-driven decisions. This can all be done by analyzing market trends, risk assessments, data analysis, and insights. For example, it is really helpful in e-commerce business by using sentiment analysis which helps to attract customers to their business which results in high sales and good feedback.

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Personalization is another name for targeting marketing. In today’s era, it is the key to growth and success in business. Artificial intelligence has also provided this facility to businesses to provide personalized marketing according to the needs and likes of customers. It can be done by analyzing users’ data and according to their use and preference, products pop up on their page which helps them to stay longer and at last buy any of the products. Actually, it is marketing that helps to attract customers through recommendations, email marketing content, etc. It is different from ads because it only shows the data to the customers or users that they like and love. It helps in growth because of an increase in engagement, and conversions and also increases revenue.

Proactive Maintenance:

Yes! It is also true that artificial intelligence is also used for proactive maintenance in businesses. AI algorithms analyze sensory data from equipment and machines and then predict when its maintenance is needed. It actually helps the businesses from costly downtimes and also ensures and checks the efficiency of the machines which helps in increased outputs. 


AI is a great tool on the basis of cybersecurity and fraud identification. AI is capable enough with the help of machine learning to analyze and process huge amounts of data and detect unusualities and anomaly patterns that indicate fraudulent activities. It is vital in the financial department of business. It indicates data processes and check-in timely security pact ups and saves millions of dollars of businesses from fraud.

Supply chain:

Optimization of the supply chain is another sector in which AI provides benefits. It is done by improving logistics, management, and demand forecasting at a greater level. It helps to ensure the efficiency of the supply chain of a business that benefits them to minimize costs, stockouts, and timely products reach to the customers and also high sales due to these benefits.

Language translation :

In this modern age, global business is high in demand and the only issue that occurs is the language barrier. AI also helps to break down language barriers and ensures language translations for all the users out there globally such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. Language translation enables businesses to communicate and engage with their customers well helping to increase their trust and also engagements and insights. 

Business case study:

After analyzing all these points, the point that comes from all these is how AI helps in carrying out case studies. AI has so many abilities of which the main ones are discussed in this article. By the following example, it will be quite easy to understand which business case is better solved by artificial intelligence.

CASE 1: A business wants to improve its customer service and support;

We have thoroughly discussed how AI helps in customer service and support. Let’s say there is a small setup of business and the thing that is very important in any of the businesses is customer service and support. If your services are quite good, it will automatically help to grow your engagement with customers. AI gathers all the information and data and processes it into the collective data and then improves it by giving personalized recommendations, using AI chatbots and sentiment analysis. And then give feedback to employees and automatically help them to improve their service. 

CASE 2: A clothing brand wants to do a satisfactory fashion advertising campaign:

Let’s say a clothing brand has a new collection and wants to do a good advertising campaign. If they have no data, no customer feedback, and retention, how will they be able to advertise successfully? Obviously, they will not be able to do it. They needed to get data regarding targeted audiences like age, gender, interests, etc. This is all possible due to AI using all the features which are described earlier in the article. 

There are also many cases regarding businesses and maximum of them are tackled due to the benefits of Artificial intelligence.


It is right to say that AI plays an important role in the growth and success of businesses around the world. From providing better customer service to automating tasks, and improving efficiency, AI has helped a lot to enable a high potential in the market. With every passing time, AI technology is continuing to evolve and the main advice to businesses is that if they want to remain in a competitive and relevant zone of business in this modern era. It is very important to integrate AI in an accurate manner in their business which will boost their success. Undoubtedly, AI is one of the major reasons for business evolving in this age.

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