Will marketing become obsolete? Evolution and Marketing

Will marketing become obsolete
Will marketing become obsolete


Will marketing become obsolete? Marketing is the process of attracting people towards the company’s products and services for whom it is advertised. In this fast-paced era of digital advancements, everything is evolving so rapidly that it also affects customer and consumer behaviors. The marketing’s role is going to be facing unprecedented challenges. This article revolves around the question that marketing will become obsolete in the future?

Evolution and Marketing:

The evolution of marketing defines the change that happens from pre-industrial to modern industrial economy. It is because of the vast changes in terms of production. Traditional marketing is no longer suitable which includes TV commercials and print ads due to changes in the behavior of consumers with every passing time and the advancements in the digital world. Back then, they were really helpful but now consumers don’t find it impressive. Now these marketing strategies have shifted to digital marketing strategies which include influencer marketing, email marketing, campaigns, and social media like Instagram and Facebook. As digital is progressing and evolving rapidly, it is more likely that marketing techniques will also continue to evolve and innovate according to consumer and customer preferences.

Digital world and marketing:

As described above, the digital era has shifted the whole sense of marketing to the next level with the help of social media and advancements in technology. The main components of digital marketing that help to take their services to the next level include step by step which are:

  1. Marketing analysis and research
  2. Website development 
  3. will marketing become obsolete?
  4. Advertising through online ads
  5. Social media marketing e.g influencer marketing through Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube

The traditional marketing techniques which are also described above such as TV ads etc are replaced by email marketing, campaigns, social media, and Search engine optimization (SEO). In this era, companies and businesses have more opportunities to deliver their content and product services ads to their target audience with reach and engagements. 

AI and Marketing:

AI and Marketing working together for a great experience. AI plays a major role in personalized and targeted marketing, content generation chatbots, and virtual assistants. AI uses machine learning algorithms and collects data and inputs to study consumer behaviors and uses this information for the benefit of a company by doing specified marketing. Actually, AI has helped a lot in improving marketing techniques. 

Consumer behavior and marketing:

Consumers and customers play a major role in marketing and the success of any business and company. To have a successful marketing campaign and to have success in the business, it is really important to adapt according to the customers’ preferences. This era surprisingly also takes a score in this segment with influencer marketing, use of AI, and data analysis. The other thing that is very important to note is that customer’s preferences and behaviors change from time to time. So it is very important to stay up-to-date and in future, the preferences will definitely change. 

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Ethical Concerns and Challenges:

There are also challenges and ethical concerns that are coming in the way of marketing in this digital world. Some most serious and common challenges are:

  1. Grow effective marketing
  2. Tricks and techniques resonate with a specified audience
  3. Staying relevant to customer preferences and technologies 
  4. Measure the success of marketing

The main ethical concerns which are revolving around marketing must be neglected and avoided:

  1. False advertising
  2. Misuse customer data
  3. Negative advertising
  4. Advertising misleading prices, discounts, etc
  5. Portray negative stereotypes

The irreplaceable core of marketing:

Consumer behavior and technology will continue to evolve but some important features will remain the same or timeless. These shouldn’t be neglected if you want to have a successful business, the best reach, the best reviews, and the best marketing. These will never change. These are:

  1. Acknowledge customer needs: The one principle that is never going to be obsolete is the importance of customers’ preferences. It is very vital to understand and implement customers’ needs in their marketing and business.
  2. Build Brand identity: Brand identity is also never going to be obsolete. It is because a brand identity is the center of marketing success and also the success of the company itself. The brand identity signifies its uniqueness and also maintains it according to customers’ needs.  
  3. Emotional connection: The emotional connection is also very important. It is human psychology that storytelling and emotional connection directly impacts customer mind and helps them to build trust. It is also an important aspect of successful marketing. 
  4. Innovation: Innovations have also been a success in marketing throughout the whole history. It is also never going to be obsolete in the future as well. Because it is also the main part of it and links every innovative and good sightseeing person. 

Future of marketing: 

The future of marketing presents a captivating picture of the landscape. The future of technologies that are emerging rapidly like VR and AR has the maximum potential to excel in marketing tactics and to make it highly captivating. 


In conclusion, marketing itself is a complete discipline and it can never be obsolete because without marketing, a business can never be run and successful. Tactics and strategies, consumer behavior, etc may or will change but marketing itself will always remain in the world of the future, ensuring it’s adapting and relevance with consumers in connecting businesses.

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