Will marketing jobs be automated? Marketing jobs automation


Will marketing jobs be automated? The emerging advancements of technology in AI and automation have made a huge impact on different industries and businesses. The most beneficial and crucial area for every business which comes under assessment is marketing. The question arises with the advancements of automation and the era of AI by the majority of people “Will marketing jobs be automated?” 

In this article, we are going to explore the rise of marketing automation, its advantages and disadvantages, and how the landscape of marketing is changing.

Rise of marketing automation:

Automation in marketing started in the late 1980s and early 1990s when industries started using emails to interact with customers. In the mid-1990s, businesses started automating marketing campaigns by sending personalized messages to consumers and customers. In the late 1990s CRM systems emerged which enhanced the interactions with customers. In the mid-2000s, the emergence of social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter made a huge impact on marketing automation and helped a lot to do more personalized marketing and also interact with customers more personally. Today’s marketing has evolved so much and offers a wide range of features like lead nurturing, lead generation, social media marketing, email marketing, data analytics, virtual assistants, and many more. 


Marketing automation uses AI technology, ML algorithms, and different software to enhance customer engagement,  efficiency, and marketing techniques and activities. It uses tools which are described above. The advantages of marketing automation are given below:
Personalization: personalization or customization helps a lot to get targeted or desired customers which helps their businesses to increase their sales and engagement. AI tools use the customers’ data and provide personalized marketing to show the products and services to the targeted customers and help to get high reach and sales.

Efficiency: Automation works to enhance efficiency as well. It can handle mundane tasks very easily so it directly handles email campaigns, posting on social media platforms, etc with negligible errors. It directly helps to free up time and focus on strategic activities which helps directly to improve the efficiency of businesses by doing better marketing. 

Scalability: Scalability is the capability to handle the increased demand for products and services. It involves improving processes and efficiency, technology to automate mundane tasks, and expanding marketing to new customers and consumers. The increase in scalability directly impacts on increasing customers which directly leads to generating more leads and eventually more sales and vice versa. This is all possible due to the efforts of automation.

Data insights: Automation and AI tools improve data insights and provide data analytics to help make decisions according to the data and adjust it. 

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Risk of jobs:

There are lots of benefits of marketing automation but everything also has advantages. With the advancements in automation, the question arises about the risks of job displacements in the marketing industry. The areas which are at risk with the increase of automation are given below:

Email marketing: Email marketing which is one of the oldest and staple of marketing is also automated using AI tools and uses customers’ data to send automatically personalized emails to targeted audiences. This will reduce the need for a manual email marketing management team. 

Data analysis: AI software and tools help to gather all the data, process it, and then interpret the vast amount of data which significantly provides data insights using data analytics which improves and enhances the marketing campaign performances. This automation will reduce the demand for data analysis people and the risk of job displacement is also at a higher rate. 

Content creation: content creation is an important part of marketing. It is the hardcore of any kind of marketing. AI software and tools are capable of basic content like product descriptions and news articles etc but the storytelling and creativity of human beings cannot be replaceable at least now. But for product description and news articles, automation is highly successful and the demand of copywriters will reduce in this regard.

Social media management:
social media platforms already offer many automated features like posting schedules, responding to customers as well and analyzing data. These tools help to reduce time and do it in an easy way to handle social tasks. This will potentially reduce the risk of the social media management team and complete work with fewer human resources.

Landscape changing: Automation evolves the landscape of marketing by doing mundane tasks etc but it doesn’t mean that marketing jobs will disappear. It will evolve from time to time. The trends which will change the future of marketing roles are given below: 

Emphasis and importance of Creativity: automation takes care of repetitive tasks and mundane tasks, so marketers will focus on creativity in their work. Which includes developing new innovations in marketing strategies, unique storytelling, and designing distinctive marketing campaigns. 

Quality control: AI can generate basic content but marketers should take care of the content’s quality, authenticity, and relevance. Content-quality content marketers will be in high demand. 

Customer experience: automation enhances customer reach and engagement but marketers will be needed to maintain and manage customer experiences.

Data interpretation: AI can provide data insights but marketers will still be required to manage and understand the result of AI data analytics so that in case any error occurs it will be solved and can also use it to adapt their marketing techniques efficiently. 

MTM: MTM stands for marketing technology management. With the increase of marketing technology tools, there will be an increasing and high demand for technology management team professionals who are able to select, apply, and manage.


The questions for the marketing jobs will be automated. The answer is that routine and repetitive tasks will be automated but human roles will be still needed.

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